Self-parking technology isn’t making waves or prompting headlines these days – it’s a sound indication of just how fast semi-autonomous driving systems are developing. But now there’s something new coming to the market – the world’s first self-parking mechanism that works via remote key fob. It’s available with the new BMW Series 7, and it’s something of a gamechanger.

So, how does it work? Well, much like other parking aids. A selection of sensors is fitted around the body to let the vehicle detect obstructions and read its surroundings. Under the new technology, the BMW 7 will take full control of gear changes, acceleration, braking, and, most importantly, steering input. As such, it brings you into a parking space without effort – no more craning your neck or helping to God you don’t clip the car next to you.

The ability to park using the key fob might seem like a novelty at first, but it means you’ll be able to slip your vehicle into a space that would have been too small if the doors needed to be opened. It can really take the shine off a vehicle luxurious enough to offer semi-autonomous parking when you still need to carefully eke your way out of the cabin and slip sideways between your vehicle and the one next to you. As such, the BMW 7 would hold an advantage over rivals that already possess self-parking features.

Bosch has even unveiled a feature that would let you park using a smartphone, but we don’t yet know if BMW will be utilizing that technology.

Of course, such technology is going to command a pretty penny. The price of the upcoming BMW 7 Series has not yet been revealed. However, the current model starts at £61,000 and runs up to £104,000, and we’re not anticipating a reduction.

There’s also another slight problem with BMW’s new system. Most countries ban cars from driving when no one is in them, just in case something goes wrong and requires active human intervention. You could park using remote key fob technology in your garage or on your own land, but that isn’t where such an amenity shines brightest.

We’ll only have to hope that advances in automotive technology lead to shifts in automotive law. Whatever happens, BMW’s remote key fob parking system is certainly plenty impressive.

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