With lots of biker shows, events and rallies across the UK which don’t seem to be slowing down in August now is the best time to get back on your bike and enjoy what might be some short-lived Summer sunshine.

That is, unless, you are part of the 25% of people who try and fail to get approved bike finance…

Why is it Harder For Bikes?

This is understandable to a certain extent:
motorbikes are often viewed by both insurers and lenders as a high risk. The experience of riding a motorbike is completely different to a car or van: being able to weave in and out of busy traffic instead of sitting in a hot queue is one of the many liberating aspects of motorbike riding as well as the aforementioned clubs, events and rallies that take place. Not just a mode of transportation, it’s a way of life.

You will find that the vast majority of motorbike riders are already experienced riders – the kind of riders who owned one in their youth and now want to rekindle the passion, thrill and excitement that comes with owning a motorbike.

Therefore, you will also find that most motorbike riders are responsible individuals who won’t take any risks. What’s more, given the sheer range of bikes you will see on the road (along with the different engine sizes) we at New Look Loans believe it’s wrong to imply those bike riders in general are of a higher risk than those that opt to drive any other type of vehicle.

Have You Been Denied Affordable Bike Finance?

It’s easy to get disheartened if you have already been denied bike finance. But even if you have been turned down before, this doesn’t make obtaining bike finance impossible – and you shouldn’t have to settle with the next lender who will supply you with finance whatever the cost.

Quality is still important here: making sure you find a lender with an excellent reputation to lend responsibly and within a strict code of conduct.

New Look Loans are experts in vehicle finance based in Hull. We treat every individual circumstantially – this means you will get the perfect bike and the perfect loan tailored specially for your individual needs.

Bike finance from New Look Loans applies to both new and used bikes too – this means you get a huge range of choices! Need a moped to take you to and from work? After that classic bike that you’ve always wanted to add to your collection? Looking for a fun quad bike? Or are you sick of being the only Mod at the rally without your own scooter?! Whatever your needs, our experts take pride in finding the right deal for you.

One thing that is not tailored however is that all of our loans are fixed: your repayments stay the same no matter how long the loan period. With New Look Loans, there is no danger of your repayments rising or of any extra costs being added that you weren’t expecting.

So whether you plan to hit the Summer bike rallies or not, New Look Loans can help open up some options and discover what’s available to you. Get in touch today!