If you’ve ever considered buying a performance-focused vehicle, you’ve probably noticed that performance telemetry displays are a common feature. After all, the sort of driver who wants to invest in a Ford Mustang is likely to be interested in seeing how much G-force they are being subjected to, what their track times are, and so on.

That’s great, and, thanks to Ford, we could be seeing the same kind of readouts coming to our smartphones.

The Ford Performance App, which was just announced at the 2016 SEMA show, will let you keep tabs on your on-track telemetry and then record it for later use. You can now look forward to checking out lap times, viewing videos, and considering other pieces of driving data. Need to show off to some friends or consider where you could trim a few seconds? You’ll be able to do so using the new app.

This is a feature that should start rolling out with the new Ford GT in 2017. Other models might have to wait, but performance-focused models are likely to enjoy this new gadgetry sooner rather than later.

It essentially works by linking with the Sync 3, Ford’s replacement infotainment system for the original, and much-maligned Sync system. You can:

  • Log telemetry
  • Analyse Data
  • Record Video
  • Share Track Experiences via Social Media

Multiple different recording modes will be available, and you’ll be able to overlay everything from the track layout to virtual gauges and statistics over the video to see exactly what was happening during every second of your drive.

All of these features can be exported to a laptop or desktop for more in-depth research and analysis, and Ford has already promised that the app will be available with “the most popular smartphone platforms”.

In the words of Dave Pericak, global director of Ford Performance: “Ford Performance wants to provide our customers with a simple, shareable way to capture their track exploits. The ability to take their track sessions with them everywhere they go and easily share their footage and data with friends is a huge benefit of our new app.”

Ford is just the latest manufacturer to expand on performance-related apps. BMW’s M Laptimer and Ferrari’s syncing telemetry are two other noteworthy examples, and several other companies have been experimenting in the same kind of area.

We’re certainly excited to give them all a shot.