There are few more pleasant ways to spend a lazy summer’s day than wondering around a car show, and you couldn’t ask for a much more idyllic location than Southern California’s San Marino. If you happened to be on that side of the pond on June 11th, you’d have been able to take a look around the 2017 San Marino Motor Classic.

There was a stunning array of vehicles on display – in fact, there were nearly 200 models competing across 42 classes. Set across Lacy Park’s 30 acres of lawns, the show offered everything from the antique to the bold and ground-breaking.

If you’re into old-school, the La Bestioni Rusty One might have drawn your attention, as would the Pope Hartfield 9 Passenger. Few would have walked past the Thomas Model 18, which came complete with its own rattan parasol holder to shield the open cabin. And it wasn’t just cars from the early days of motoring that commanded attention. As you might expect from the South California venue, a whole fleet of 1930s and 1940s-era American classics were there to strike up some nostalgia, including Cadillacs, Duesenbergs, Packards, and Pierce-Arrows.

There were also a couple of cosier entries to go along with the larger boat-like models of the American yesteryear. We’re talking 280SLs and 190SLs from Mercedes-Benz, and there was even a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL – it still drives fine, and it unsurprisingly took the Best in Show – Post War award. A sprawling 1938 Delahaye Model 135 Roadster snagged the Best in Show – Pre War award.

And drivers dedicated to the supercar segment will not have gone home disappointed. There weren’t many in attendance, but those that were there really drew the limelight, with the private collection of noted collector David Lee including a 1964 Ferrari GT250 Lusso Competizione, 2014 Pagani Huayra, a 1967 Ferrari GTB/4 2S, and a 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari. There was also a smattering of Triumphs, MGs, Aston Martins, Jaguars, and Morgans.

The entire event was brilliantly emcee’d by automotive personalities Dave Kunz and Ed Justice, and it reportedly raised over $300,000 for the Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA, the Rotary Club of San Marino, and the USC Trojan Marching Band. Those dollars join the already spectacular $1.6 million that the San Marion Motor Classic’s organisers say has been drummed up for various charities to date.