The friendly and dedicated staff at New Look Loans have always had one goal: to obtain a quality car or bike finance deals for our clients regardless of their credit history.

However over time, things progress, things develop and therefore changes have to be embraced. You may have already noticed one of our biggest changes…

…Yes! That’s right, we’re coming to you this week from a brand new site with a brand new look for New Look Loans. We felt it was time to bring our branding up to date – to make it more clean and simple, but most importantly to allow it to catch up with the quality of our service; something that will never change.

So What’s New?

The great thing about the NEW New Look Loans website is not only that it’s faster, better looking (of course!) and much easier to navigate, but we also have new features built into our Loan Calculator.

We now have a brand new Loan Calculator, easily accessible straight from our home page – this will take you straight through to our calculator which now has the option for you to select your options based on your credit score. These options go from ‘excellent’ through to ‘bad’. Just below the loan calculator, you will see a summary of each of these options, helping you choose the option that best describes you and your situation.

Another new feature of our loan calculator is the sliding scale – you can choose the amount you want to borrow by simply sliding back and forth. Our scale lets you calculate from £1000 to £35000.

The next section allows you to select the timescale that you will need to pay back your loan – our calculator ranges from a payback period of 12 months to 60 months.

The final section of our loan calculator lets you choose the amount of deposit you would be willing to put down.

And that’s it! Once you have selected your options you will see, displayed just below the calculator how much it is going to cost you to borrow the credit, how much it will cost you in monthly instalments and how much is due to be paid back altogether.

The great thing about the sliding scale is that, if you feel you can’t afford those monthly payments, or even if you think you can afford to put a bit more of a deposit down, you can simply go back to your sliding scale and alter your choices – you will see your final results change as you slide.

So what do you think about our new site? We sure hope you like it and find it a breeze to navigate through. If you have any queries or feedback on our new site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01482 240500. Or alternatively, you can leave us some feedback via our new site on our contact us page.

Despite the changes and our brand new look, New Look Loans are still specialists in obtaining car, motorbike, road-legal quad bike, van and caravan finance no matter what your circumstances. Having been providing car finance for over 6 years, we have literally helped thousands of people who thought they couldn’t get a loan. And with a huge range of motor finance products New Look Loans is quite simply the best place to arrange a great car finance deal – and some things will never change.