You could say the Skoda Kodiaq has a lot to prove. It’s a high-spec seven-seater sitting in a market dominated by other three-row SUVs from more prestigious names. So, perhaps they’ll appreciate the long-term review conducted by Autocar.

Instead of taking a car out for a quick test drive and then giving their verdict, the team over at Autocar decided to test this family-favourite hopeful over a number of months to see how it held up through every condition and situation drivers are likely to face.

One of the main concerns so far is the lack of a rearview camera. That’s becoming a serious shortcoming for any vehicle, not to mention something as large as a three-row SUV like the Kodiaq. There are parking sensors, but Autocar’s test-driver still found it hard to park in busy London streets.

On the other hand, the Kodiaq touchscreen was met with acclaim. Despite professing to be “not a huge fan of touchscreens”, Autocar’s reviewer described the Skoda’s as “as good as I’ve found, giving me enough confidence to set destinations while focusing on driving”

Praise was also levelled at the Kodiaq’s ability to carry the whole family with room to spare. As noted by Autocar: “For no-nonsense family transport – and especially with seven seats – no car on our fleet comes close to it.” Regardless of where people were sitting, everyone felt comfortable. That’s a serious plus-point in a segment where sitting in the third-row often feels like torture after a couple of miles, especially if you’re accommodating adults rather than small children.

The Kodiaq’s ride met with mixed reviews. Autocar noted that the drive felt a little gruff after spending three weeks in the Toyota Prius Plug-in, but, to be fair, that’s quite a high bar to reach in terms of driving grace and precision. On the other hand, “Even the most broken of roads didn’t unduly unsettle the car, and it unflinchingly took on the country lanes to some of the more remote locations”. The cabin remained quiet enough for all three rows to carry on a “thoughtful conversation”.

All in all, Autocar loved the Kodiaq’s all-round appeal, remarking that “there is nothing that the Kodiaq does badly”. On the other hand, a slightly underwhelming engine and the lack of now common safety technology was seen as a concern. Not an all-time great, but larger families could certainly do a lot worse.

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