The team at Jaguar are never content to rest on their laurels. If you need any proof, all you need do is check out the nine new models expected to make their debut in the next few years.

  1. XE

The Jaguar XE Sport Saloon will be heading for a renewal in 2021. That update may be a little past due. The XE has shown reasonable numbers within the UK, but sales have been slow across the rest of Europe. Good luck, XE. We wish you well.

  1. XF

The XF was really the first Jag of a fresh new generation. Like the XE, it’s hoped the performance of a long-wheelbase model in China will prove important. Expect a new model in 2022 or 2023.

  1. F-Type

You can’t get more iconic or desirable than the stunning Jaguar F-Type, and this ultra-cool model will be getting a revision for 2020, possibly with a new own-brand straight six. Jag has even gone ahead and promised a hybrid model.

  1. F-Pace

The F-Pace had the Porsche Macan in its crosshairs from the word go, and it has been selling strongly over the last two years. Time for an update, then. You can expect a full revision for 2022 or 2023. Before then, a plug-in hybrid is promised for next year.

  1. E-Pace

Jaguars compact SUV is a top seller, and it’s expected to become ever more popular as the market sector continues to boom. A hybrid should be available for 2020, and drivers can look forward to the standard mid-life tweak in 2021.

  1. I-Pace

As you might have noticed, Jag is investing heavily in efficiency. The new I-Pace could be an all-electric model, although that has yet to be confirmed. Keep your ears to the ground.

  1. XJ

Speaking of electrification, how about the XJ? Jaguar’s trend-setting model is due for its all-electric debut in 2019.

  1. J-Pace

Even among a line-up noted for its luxury, the J-Pace stands out as a cut above. It’s the company’s most luxurious SUV, and the next iteration will be lower and more road-focused. It should be drawing on the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport for platform and running gear.

  1. XK

We kid you not – there could be a reprisal of this famous coupé name. We anticipate a union of all-electric I-PACE powertrain and XJ saloon looks and architecture.