The PSA Group, the parent company that maintains control of Peugeot, Citroën, and DS, is set to add a whole new brand to its roster

with the inauguration of Free 2 Move, which is set to exercise control over mobility and smart services operations.

This launch of Free 2 Move will represent part of The PSA Group’s overall ‘Push to Pass’ strategy, which has been designed to let the company pull free of financial difficulties and once again find itself firmly in the black. High-level representatives just got done discussing their new brand in detail at the Paris Motor Show, so we finally have some more information about what the new brand is, what it hopes to achieve, and how it’s going to change the way in which you travel.

Free 2 Move was actually created after several investments in smaller firms. We’ve seen The PSA Group purchase a significant stake in Canadian car-sharing company Communauto, partner with Masternaut, an Anglo-French company that has written the book on fleet management, and oversee an impressive €100 million (approx. £86m) investment in Koolicar and Travelcar, two promising car rental start-ups.

In the words of Grégoire Olivier, executive vice president of mobility services for The PSA Group, these investments are all about mobility: “For the PSA Group, mobility means not only making and selling excellent cars, but also offering a full range of mobility solutions.”

Essentially, the new brand aims to unite the group’s mobility and smart services. The focus will be on car-sharing, a practice which has become increasingly popular in large cities all across the globe. Advances in mobile technology have allowed drivers to simply approach a car, activate it using a special app or pin, and then drive it around for as long as they want, with accounts being credited for anything from one minute to multiple days of driving.

To take full advantage of this booming new way to get around, The PSA Group’s Free 2 Move brand will also be working with IBM on its ‘Smarter Cities’ project, which aims to use connected cars to pass information through communities for the good of other road users, something that has significant safety implications.

Other manufacturers have hinted that they are following similar strategies, but many depend on vehicles becoming fully autonomous. With The PSA Group getting such an early head-start on the industry, we’ll be very interested to see how the Free 2 Move brand works out.